Health & Safety

At New Horizon, our health and safety management system complies with the international specification ISO 45001: 2018. Not only does the system help us to manage health and safety issues but effectively and continuously improve our performance, but it also ensures everyone at New Horizon is always determined to safeguard our shareholders.

Serious about safety

When it comes to our employees, customers and others we encounter during our operations, we believe in putting safety first. We take our duty of care seriously and undertake numerous accident prevention activities including risk assessments, safety tours, periodic general inspections, audits, core skills training, accident reporting and investigation.

We have a structured programme that encourages employees to take responsibility for their own and others safety by suggesting better ways of working and highlighting any training needs. It provides a channel to contribute ideas and concerns and reinforces good practise with the aim of reducing accidents and incidents further still.

By monitoring Key Performance Indicators and sharing best practise across the company, we have embedded health and safety within our company culture.

New Horizon is committed to:
  • Helping to reduce work-related deaths, injuries and ill-health.
  • Encouraging employers to focus on health and safety
  • Creating safe environments.
  • Staying focused on health and safety, even in difficult times.
  • Working with the HSE and its partners.